“Robin arranged a month’s trip through the Zanskar Valley to Ladakh for a group of us. It was a stunning journey and staying in Robin’s house in Manali while acclimatising was one of the highlights. Unfortunately part way through the trek I developed altitude sickness and my husband and I had to leave the group and return home. This was managed very well by our guide, who insisted on sending his best man with us back to Manali. On our return Robin assisted in our getting a full refund from insurance. Our friends continued on for the trip of a llifetime.”
Diane, Karitane, New Zealand

Robin Ross from New Zealand has been an India tour operator in the Himalaya since 1991

Yoga Thakur is our lead Indian Himalaya guide.

Snow storm Kargyak Villag © Ray Kirby, Himalaya images

Himalaya High Adventures

Himalaya High Adventures is a New Zealand based India travel expert and tour operator.  We specialise in tailor-made India cultural tours, trekking and road safaris in the Indian Himalaya, touring in the Indian Himalaya foothills and luxury North India Golf Tours.  We specialise in the Around 50's age groups and provide soft adventure, general Indian sightseeing or more rigorous trekking.  We customise to suit you.  With years of immersion in Indian culture behind her and with having lived in the Indian Himalaya, yet always a New Zealander, Robin Ross gives Western travellers a comfortable balance.

Robin Ross:

Robin, from New Zealand has been an India tour operator in India and the Indian Himalaya since 1991. She is passionate about personalised holidays and travel in India, the Himalaya Mountain People and Indian cultures.  India has captured her imagination and spirit, yet still left her an immensely practical person. Robin leads all the special guided tours in India and leads occasional special trips to other parts of the world.

Prior to building her Himalaya Manali home, Robin spent two years living in a tiny Manali village with the Thakur family - Himalaya Mountain People. She built her home  there, in the most beautiful spot in the Kullu Manali Valley -set high with 5000 metre peaks surrounding.

Her India tours reflect her wish to share her Indian lifestyle and are a result of careful research and planning.  She has had years of tour planning experience and puts your needs first


Yoga Thakur: 

Yoga is our lead Indian Himalaya guide. He began trekking and climbing with his uncle when he was 11 years old. Now in his fifties he has had years of lead-guiding scores of climbing and trekking groups. He is well-known and respected in the Kullu Valley and beyond for his wise decisions and vast experience in the Indian Himalaya.

He guides or oversees all the Trans-Himalaya and Foothills treks and safaris. 

Himalaya local guides: 

Occasionally on locally assisted itineraries we use other experienced guides under Yoga’s supervision.

Climbing with Yoga Thakur:

Yoga has many climbs to his credit during 30 years of climbing and is available for leading climbing parties especially in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Ask us about climbing.

India Tour Local Guides:

On the Locally Assisted Itineraries around all parts of India, we use our experienced drivers and guides to assist you with your daily needs.  You are met at the airport and their continued support throughout your tour itinerary until you depart, gives you comfort and security yet leaves you free to  move at your own pace.