"My wife and first met Robin in 1998 when we went on an organized trip with her,  We were pick up in Delhi and after a few days sightseeing took public transport (train) to Chandigarth  -not to be missed. From there we went by jeep to Manali where we stayed for a few days in her house in Vashisht sightseeing around Manali.
We then went by jeep to the Rothang Pass but as it was early in the season we had to trek over the pass to Khoksar, then by local bus to Keylong always an exciting way to travel in India.
After a night in Keylong, we went by private jeep to Darcha, where we began our trek. From there it was over some 8 passes to Lamayuru where we stayed in the Gompa before we took a jeep to Leh.
In Leh we spent a few days sightseeing and visiting various Gompas before flying to Delhi, where we departed from the group.
Both my wife and I have been back to Ladakh 6 or 7 times since and usually have Robin fix us up with guides, horsemen and porters as we  travelled independently throughout the area.
We have found her very professional in all our dealings with her and great fun as a leader of the trek. And she knows the language very well so you won't get hassled by the locals too much."

Ray, Hastings, New Zealand

Road safari group, Indian Himalaya © Robin Ross

Bags for Sale Indian Himalaya © Robin Ross

Bardam Gompa © Ray Kirby, Himalaya images

National Park drive © Robin Ross

Village elder, Indian Himalaya © Robin Ross

Stone temple horses © Robin Ross

Tiger in water © Robin Ross

Delhi Imperial Hotel © Robin Ross

Dhobi Wallah washing day © Robin Ross

Trekking Ponies © Marj Duncan

Iceland © Robin Ross

Iceland © Robin Ross

Iceland © Robin Ross

Iceland © Robin Ross

NZ contingent July 2006 © Robin Ross

Iceland From up on Eldfell on Westmans © Robin Ross

Iceland Basaltt formation © Robin Ross

Iceland © Robin Ross

Iceland © Robin Ross

Iceland © Robin Ross

Frequently Asked Questions

Tailor made India tours are our speciality, plus exciting Escorted India tours.  Iceland tours for walks and sightseeing are also featured.  Ask us any questions you have.  We are here to customise tours to suit you.

Why should I travel to India or Iceland with Himalaya High Adventures?

We are Auckland, New Zealand based and know what New Zealanders look for in an Indian or Iceland holiday.  We provide a well thought out personalised adventure with Locally Assisted and Escorted  Itineraries in which we believe you want to meet India or Iceland head-on, yet have the trouble taken away.

Mainly Over 50's New Zealanders use our special escorted trips but all age groups use our locally guided trips from families to any age. Our like-minded travellers are from New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, USA and Canada. We are happy to quote your India tour arrangements whatever your home base.

In India our uniqueness is in the experiences you will have with the local Himalaya Mountain People around Manali. On Escorted Tours you will stay in Robin Ross’ own home above a tiny village and for a few days be part of the lives of these hospitable people.  Because of Robin’s involvement with them, you are immediately welcomed as a friend.  This is a truly special experience.  We can give you referees whom you can contact directly.  Happy vacationers who have travelled in India with us.

The advantage of making your bookings through us is that we love India and Indian people, have had years of experience travelling alone and as guides and leaders in India, yet as Westerners we are more aware of your needs and expectations. We do not intrude on your experience and present India to you to meet head-on but with our Western guidance.

Where can I travel on the Locally Assisted Tours?

We arrange and tailor make any customised tour anywhere in India.  You may want to:

  • Camel Ride in Rajasthan
  • Experience a houseboat in South India or Srinagar
  • Visit The Golden Temple in Amristsar
  • Float on the Ganges in Varanasi and enjoy the activity on the ghats
  • Travel as far North in India as allowed
  • Play golf
  • Any holiday or vacation you dream of we can tailor make for you.

Are prices land only?

Prices are land based only and are ex-Delhi. International and Indian Domestic air fares are not included. If specifically mentioned some India domestic air fares are included in the tour price.

What is a road safari?

In the Indian Himalaya: A Locally Assisted road safari is really a road tour on remote roads, using a vehicle, (An Indian SUV) driver & with a local guide/cook.

You will travel between 4 and 10 hours daily depending on where your tour is located. Distances covered are not always great but the altitude and the road state (which is only fair to average on remote roads) has a bearing on the time taken travelling in the Himalaya.

Road travel elsewhere in India or Iceland: Travel on formed often sealed roads taking from 4 -8 hours daily, either with a local guide or on your own with the driver.  India roads however, can be slow travelling.

Can I add on a trip on the plains after a Himalaya trek or road safari?

Yes we arrange customised itineraries in the foothills and on the plains and we can arrange for you to travel anywhere you wish in India, after the trek or road safari has finished.

What tours are you offering for 2013 -2014 worldwide?

We now offer other annual escorted tours or treks in another country just as a diversion for all our loyal Himalaya High adventurers. 

In 2013 we will be travelling in India and in 2014 a new tour to Iceland, The Faroe Islands and Greenland (The Big Three) will be featured.  Iceland tours are not at altitude and are easy to moderate.

We also offer all our tours mentioned plus any tour you would like customised as Locally Assisted Tours where we give you assistance with everything but you have no tour leader with you.

How will the Himalaya altitude affect me?

Firstly, not all our trips move into higher altitudes - only the Himalaya treks and remote road safaris where your needs are cared for by the guide or tour leader. The other India tours are not at any significant altitude.

Everyone feels some effects of altitude once above 2000m - such as shortness of breath when moving about and a general feeling of heaviness, but not everyone will be adversely affected. It has nothing to do with courage, fitness, age or determination.

We take every precaution with our adventurers by acclimatising slowly. We monitor your daily condition and assess your acclimatisation. Rest days are built in to the itinerary so there is no pressure on us to move you on.

In case of an extreme emergency while trekking, your guide carries a Personal Rescue Locator Beacon. This signals Indian authorities of our need for assistance and a helicopter is sent to your location, weather and altitude permitting. Over 4,500 metres, it is too high for helicopter rescue so we would need to move lower to a more suitable lower area.

Travellers in the Indian Himalaya must realise the extreme isolation and lack of medical care available in many situations, but can be assured they are in experienced hands should any emergency arise. All our plains itineraries are in less isolated areas but any assistance in India will probably take longer to arrive than where you come from.

What Gear do I Need? Do I have to carry my own Pack?

A full and comprehensive gear list is issued to all adventurers once your payment is received.  On Himalaya treks, horses or porters always carry your main pack and all the expedition equipment leaving you with your day pack. 

In Iceland, vehicles carry your main packs and you carry your day pack.  You need to be able to move all your luggage a short distance.

In India or in Iceland where does my trip start?

Every one of our travellers is met at India’s Delhi International Airport or at Iceland’s Reykjavik International Airport, no matter what time your flight arrives. Look for your name held up on a card and you will be taken to your hotel by one of our trusted local, English speaking guides. 

I’d not heard of the Indian Himalaya until now. Where is it?

People often think first of Nepal when they hear ‘Himalaya', but there is a massive Indian Himalaya which is a westerly continuation of the 2,500 kilometre range once it passes through Nepal and Tibet.  Spiti, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Leh, Zanskar are all names you will become familiar with. You will find unsullied Tibetan Buddhism and the total contrast of the Hindu culture. It is an area physically and spiritually in tune with Tibet and Nepal rather than the great plains of India and is an India pretty much hidden away from the rest of the world.  In that, lies its appeal. 

How fit do I have to be?

Conditions in India are arduous. Himalaya treks are for strong walkers and you need to spend at least three months building up to a good fitness level. The remote road safaris also need a degree of fitness as they require much stamina to combat the effects of rough roads and very long days. 

All other trips just need a general level of fitness to enable you to cope with arduous days travelling.

What is travel in Iceland like?

We have both Escorted tours to Iceland and Locally Assisted tours.  On walks and treks you only have to carry your day packs.

Iceland travel is easy travel.  We can arrange trekking, day walking or easy road safaris for you with amazing sightseeing of the volcanic lands, thermal lands, highlands and coastal areas.  Magnificent fjords are a feature in Iceland as is the wildlife, the plants, hot swims and kind generous people. Off-shore islands are usually also visited to experience life in a fishing community.

How do I pay you?

We have a secure site for your online payments: www.himalayahighadventures.com/secure.

If you wish to pay by credit card, we ask you to use this site and we are obliged to add a fee onto the payment for use of a credit card.

Other payments can be made without extra fees, by paying by Direct Credit into our bank account.  Once you make your choice, you are given account details to pay into.

What is the accommodation like?

Himalaya travel:
On Himalaya treks and Himalaya road safaris we use alpine style tents on a twin share or single occupancy basis.  The Indian Himalaya is not geared up for good stays in local guest houses.  They are usually not up to the standards we recommend.

In the towns of the Himalaya, there is the option of Robin’s homestay while in Manali or 3 star locally run hotels elsewhere.  These are simple, clean and basic.

On some Escorted Tours you will stay in Robin Ross’ own home near Manali above a tiny village and for a few days be part of the lives of these hospitable people.  Because of Robin’s involvement with them, you are immediately welcomed as a friend.  This is a truly special experience. 

On Himalaya Foothills trips, we can use 4 star hotels such as maharaja’s hunting lodges and the Dalai Lama’s Guest House and more opulent hotels where available (only in some areas).

Rest of India travel:
In the remainder of India we use a variety of accommodation depending on your wishes and your budget.  You might enjoy a trip using 5 star luxury at maharaja’s palace hotels and revel in all the pampering that can bring you.

Or you may prefer a more localised experience where we use excellent luxury homestays and specialised lodges, maybe a luxury camel camp experience where you are mingling with local operators and their staff.  Anything is possible please ask!

Iceland travel:
In Iceland we have a variety of accommodation from excellent huts with dormitory sleeping arrangements to pleasant local hotels run by the caring Icelanders. 

On some tours such as  trekking tours, dormitory accommodation is necessary some nights, but on other tours in Iceland you can have a locally run hotel or a B & B with single or twin share occupancy.